What is an MRX?


Written by Spc. Jacqueline Robinson

An MRX is a Mission Rehearsal Exercise that entails a years worth of simulation training, crammed into a weeks worth of time. What does that mean? It means long days and even longer nights. It means stressful situations followed by intense decisions. It means 24 hour operations and vital teamwork like most have never seen. These explainations are only a fraction of what the 2nd Battalion 113th Infantry Regiment experienced during their most recent MRX of February 2019.


During an MRX, Soldiers are expected to remain ready to face demanding situations at all times. Real life training scenarios are tossed out at random to test the readiness and capability of a battalion to move forward into battle. Infantry reconnaissance platoons conduct several mission specific operations including, but not limited to, air craft security, response to complex ambushes, IDF and reacting to emergency injured personnel. Quick response forces, heavy weapons companies and infantry line companies are all able to put their training to the test and are evaluated on their capabilities. Combat medics deal with a variety of intensely simulated injuries and fatalities as a result of tragedy such as: gun shot wounds, stabbings, burns, sicknesses and almost any scenario that could possibly be experienced during deployment. Intelligence operations manage a constant collection, evaluation and interpretation of information to counter or prevent possible enemy attacks.


The personnel running the MRX operations are trained military professionals of all ranks and grades, whose sole purpose is to enhance the skills of each battalion that comes through to ensure successful mission completion. All training scenarios are simulations of possible encounters that Soldiers may experience during their time in theater. Communication amongst the different entities that make up a company and battalion is crucial to the success of any mission. When a mission is met with adversity, the only way to overcome it successfully is if all operations are working together in unison. The Soldiers on the ground need to have constant connection with their command in order to relay information and/or receive new information.

After an excruciatingly long week, the 2-113th Infantry and their attached regiments were encouraged by the MRX staff who complimented the command and its Soldiers on a job well done. Several Soldiers received awards for heroic acts, impressive works and professional successful executions. Overall, the 2-113th is deemed fit for battle and ready to move on to any and every mission placed before them.

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