Stay in touch

The 2-113th public affairs staff will do their best to provide up to date information, soldier-family-connections and a positive media outlet during deployment. Although there will be many opportunities for families and friends to stay in touch during deployment, unit location and dates will not be advertised in order to ensure not only soldier safety, but mission safety as well. The number one mission of the unit is to ensure the safety of its soldiers, therefore all information will be provided at the discretion and provision of the units command staff.

The MPSA is the Military Postal Service Agency that allows for efficient delivery of mail, letters and packages from you to your deployed soldier(s).

Outlets for family connection:

  • FRG (Family Readiness Group)-┬áThe FRG is a support group that allows families to have a direct link between them and their soldiers.
  • Chaplain(s) and counseling services
  • ACS (Army Community Services)- A community service center, usually found on military installations, that offers support programs for soldiers families.